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The St. Stephen’s Café seeks to foster an atmosphere of community and a comfortable hang out spot for all, while serving specialty coffees as well as select bakery items and some bistro/appetizer style food. The St. Stephen’s Café seeks to better our surrounding community and be a force for good in the area. With this in mind our profits will feed back into development of the St. Stephen’s building, a important historic building to the village of Brocton, as well as investing in and donating to other community minded organizations and community development ventures. St. Stephen’s Café stands to make a larger difference in the community than simply being a place of gathering, but by also being a safe place for people to be the good that they wish to see in the world.


Serving the city of Brocton and surrounding locations.


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St. Stephens Cafe
2 West Main Street
Brocton, NY 14716
P: 716-230-4391

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